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Launch of GE Automated Breast Ultrasound - Invenia ABUS

Symed L.L.C team along with GE Healthcare have successfully organized the new launch of the “Automated Breast Ultrasound System – Invenia ABUS” to an elite key opinion doctors/customers from UAE and the Gulf region. The event took place on the 10th of September, 2015 at Al Bustan Rotana in Dubai. The participants were very impressed with ABUS as this system provides new automated compression tools for enhanced workflow and ergonomics, enabling the capture of whole breast 3D volumes in less time compared to previous versions and GE competitors. The Invenia ABUS creates a reproducible, operator-independent result from a fully automated scan that takes around 15 minutes. It captures whole breast 3D volumes that are displayed at the workstation as coronal view slices. The system is meant to be used as an adjunct to mammography for breast cancer screening in women with dense breast tissue. According to GE, when used in addition to mammography, Invenia ABUS can improve breast cancer detection by 35.7 percent over mammography alone in women studied. This product should open new sales opportunities for Symed and add a new product to their existing diagnostic ultrasound systems portfolio.
In the picture from left to right:
Mr. Fadi Waleed “Sales Manager – Symed ”
Mr. Mohammad Jamil “Product Manager – Symed”
Mr. Mohammad Isifan “Product Manager – Symed”
Dr. Hussam Kanaan “Operations Manager – Symed”
Mr. Wael Zaghloul “Regional Manager EAGM for GI Ultrasound – GE Healthcare”
Mr. Mohammad Mishmish “Gulf & Pakistan Leader – GE Healthcare”